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A+ Tutoring Information and Opportunities

Students are required to complete 50 hours of tutoring/mentoring to meet one of the requirements for A+ eligibility.
Tutoring/mentoring must be on school property, school sponsored, or related to school (see Ms. Jackson for approval).
25% of the hours (12.5 hours) may be job shadowing (must get approval in advance).
Please make certain to turn in your tutoring/mentoring log to the A+ Office to receive credit for any hours worked. Extra log sheets are located outside the A+ Office in the Counseling Center.
A+ students may tutor after school in the GHS Library from 2:30 - 3:30 on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
A+ students may tutor during Bulldog Block with approval (see Ms. Jackson to sign up).
A+ students may tutor during Saturday school dates at GHS. Please sign up in advance.
A+ students may tutor/mentor at various elementary schools or LINC after school programs. Please see Ms. Jackson for more information.
A+ students may tutor/mentor at various Grandview district schools for summer school. Sign up information will be available later in the Spring semester.
A+ Seniors who have part-day schedules may mentor/tutor during the school day. Please see Ms. Jackson if you are interested pursuing a tutoring opportunity.
Juniors and Seniors who are enrolled in Cadet Teaching may count their hours worked at their assigned school location.
Special Volunteer Events are listed below. Please click the link to sign up:

High Grove Messy Night, Tuesday, March 10

Summer School Enrollment Night, March 24

Job Shadowing - School Bus Washing



Grandview Youth Court - Please see below for the flyer and application. Participation hours may be used for A+ tutoring/mentoring hours. Completed applications may be turned in to the A+ Office or sent directly to the address listed on the forms.