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A+ Program

The Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Eduction released the following information related to A+ Scholarships for 2020 seniors:

A+ High School Eligibility for 2020 Seniors

In response to multiple school closures as a result of the COVID-19 virus, the Department of Higher Education and Workforce Development is issuing the following guidance for 2020 high school seniors’ A+ Scholarship eligibility. This guidance is temporary and only applies to 2020 seniors. All other high school students will be required to meet the A+ Scholarship requirements outlined in Section 160.545, RSMo and the A+ administrative rule, 6 CSR 10-2.190.

  1. Grade Point Average. To be eligible for the A+ Scholarship, students must graduate from high school with a 2.5 cumulative grade point average. Since school closures may negatively impact seniors’ spring 2020 GPA and thus the cumulative GPA at graduation, 2020 seniors who have a 2.5 cumulative grade point average at the end of either the fall 2019 or spring 2020 semesters will be eligible.

  2. 50 Hours of Unpaid Tutoring/Mentoring. The A+ Scholarship requires students to complete 50 hours of unpaid tutoring or mentoring. For the 2020 seniors, the number of tutoring/mentoring hours has been reduced temporarily to 25 to accommodate those students who are unable to complete 50 hours prior to high school graduation. The high school’s A+ policy should outline acceptable methods of meeting this

    requirement. Schools may add temporary exceptions to their policies, or permanently amend their policies, to allow for a broader range of ways for students to complete their tutoring/mentoring hours. In addition, high schools may utilize the six month exceptional circumstances provision outlined in the administrative rule for 2020 seniors who are unable to complete 25 hours prior to graduation.

  3. Algebra I EOC. The Algebra I EOC requirement is waived for all 2020 high school seniors, including those who have already taken the exam but did not meet the requirement as well as those who have not yet taken the exam. Waiver of this requirement also exempts the 2020 seniors from having to meet the ACT math subscore/high school GPA alternative.

There are no deviations from standard policy for the following eligibility criteria:

  • 95% Attendance. Students must have 95% attendance overall for grades 9- 12 as calculated per the high school’s A+ policy. The attendance percentage is based on the total coursework in which the student was and is enrolled in at the high school, regardless of the delivery method. High schools have always had, and continue to have, the ability to take student health issues into account when calculating attendance for A+ Scholarship purposes through an appeal process. In this unprecedented situation, schools may develop a written blanket policy for calculating attendance for the spring 2020 semester rather than requiring individual student

    appeals. Any blanket policy must be applied consistently to all A+ students.

  • Attend an A+-designated high school for two years. Students must attend an A+ high school for at least two years. As a reminder, students must be enrolled in at least 80% of the instructional days included in the two year period to meet this requirement. This requirement is separate from the 95% attendance requirement, which must also be met.

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About Grandview High School A+:

The A+ Scholarship Program is a merit-based scholarship that provides scholarship funds to eligible graduates of an A+ designated high school who attend a participating public community or vocational/technical school, or a participating private two-year college or vocational/technical school in Missouri. To be eligible, each student must have entered into a written agreement with the school prior to high school graduation and:
1. Be a US Citizen or permanent resident.
2. Attend a designated A+ high school for two years prior to high school graduation.

3. Graduate from high school with a GPA of 2.5 or higher on 4.0 scale.
4. Maintain at least a 95% attendance record (overall for grades 9 - 12).
5. Perform at least 50 hours of unpaid, school-based tutoring or mentoring for younger students, of which up to 25% may include job shadowing.
6. Maintain a record of good citizenship and avoidance of unlawful use of drugs.

7. Achieve a score of proficient or advanced on the Algebra I End of Course Exam or higher level DESE approved EOC exam in the field of mathematics.   Or achieve an eligible combination score of high school GPA and ACT math sub-score (this qualification option is subject to approval each year by MDHE). Below is the combination scale for GPA and ACT math sub-score for 2019 - 2020.

           ACT Math Score


High School GPA

17 or greater


2.5 or greater



2.8 or greater



3.0 or greater


8. Make a good faith effort to secure all available federal financial aid that does not require repayment by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Financial need is not a factor in determining eligibility for the A+ Program.
Financial Incentive: 
The student financial incentive will be available for a period of four years after high school graduation*. To maintain eligibility during that time, each participating student must enroll and attend a Missouri public or approved private community college or vocational/technical school on a full-time basis. Initial students must have a 2.0 or higher cumulative grade point average (GPA) at the end of the fall term and a 2.5 or higher GPA at then of the spring term to maintain eligibility. The student financial incentive program is dependent upon funding from the state of Missouri.
Student Incentive. Qualified A+ graduates will be eligible to receive the following:
  • Tuition and general fees to attend any public or approved private community college, vocational school, or technical school in the State of Missouri for two years.
  • The financial incentives will be available only after the student has made a documented effort to secure any available post secondary student financial assistance funds that do not require repayment (See above section).
  • The tuition incentives will only be made available to reimburse the unpaid balance of the cost of tuition and general fees after available federal financial aid funds have been applied to those costs.
  • Students will be eligible to receive financial incentives for two years if they are enrolled as a full-time student (12 hours or more) and maintain a 2.5 GPA in the post-secondary setting.
  • Private scholarships will not affect eligibility for the A+ Program, nor will they reduce the States’ responsibility to a college or technical school.
  • Students must complete the two years of full time enrollment at a community college or public vocational / technical school within four years of graduating from Grandview High School.
  • Many four year colleges in Missouri offer institutional scholarships for students who meet eligibility for the A+ Scholarship Program.
*If you are unable to attend school due to active duty service to any branch of the armed forces of the United States, you may qualify for a deferment of your scholarship eligibility. The deferment will ensure you receive 48 months of eligibility. You must return to full-time status within 12 months of the end of your military service and provide a copy of your DD214 to verify the length of your service in order to resume your eligibility.

For more information, visit the Missouri Department of Higher Education website: