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About the HOF

Mission Statement

The Grandview Athletic Hall of Fame award will recognize and honor outstanding achievements of individuals, coaches, and others who have made significant contributions to the athletic program and have been instrumental in promoting the growth of athletics at Grandview High School.

Purpose of the Grandview High School Athletic Hall of Fame

To annually select and induct members to the Grandview High School Athletic Hall of Fame.
To nominate, select, and provide instruction procedures as well as determine the type of awards, presentations, and permanent display of honors. To display to students and the public the athletic accomplishments of people who have been instrumental in creating an excellent athletic tradition at Grandview High School.

Grandview High School Athletic Hall of Fame Committee
General Function
a. The Athletic Hall of Fame committee will govern and administer this program
b. The Athletic Hall of Fame committee will establish policies and procedures necessary for the proper functioning of the Grandview High School Athletic Hall of Fame.
c. The Athletic Hall of Fame committee will be the selection committee. The committee will consist of a total of seven members.

The Athletic Hall of Fame Committee will be selected as follows:
a. Athletic Director - Chair
b. Principal or administrator designated by Principal
c. Board of Education Member
d. Head Coach of a Male Sport
e. Head Coach of a Female Sport
f. Alumni Member
g. Community Member


The Athletic Director and High School Principal shall appoint members to the Athletic Hall of Fame committee. The members will serve three-year terms and may be reappointed at the discretion of the Chair. Failure to consistently serve as an active member of the committee may result in removal from the committee and a new member being appointed. If a committee member is nominated for induction while serving on the selection committee, they will be excused from voting for themselves.

Criteria for Membership

1.) Athletes
The person must be a graduate of Grandview High School. Ten (10) years must elapse after graduation before any player/team may be nominated and placed on the ballot.
This award is designed to honor the “best of the best” athletes that have performed as student-athletes at Grandview High School. Criteria considerations should include All-Conference recognition, All-State recognition, All-American recognition, winning a state championship, owning a school record(s), professional selection, or achieving special recognition within his/her sport.
Moral character, good citizenship, and academic performance during high school and post high school years shall be a consideration.
Athletic team of Grandview High School may be eligible based upon school record or achievement of distinction, such as conference, district, or state championships. Any MSHSAA sanctioned athletic team which wins a state championship will be eligible for automatic induction into the Grandview Athletic Hall of Fame after 10 years.
Although athletic achievement while attending Grandview High School is of prime importance, outstanding accomplishments after leaving high school will also be a factor in the selection process. (i.e. a graduate who achieves success in college or becomes a professional athlete).

2.) Coaches/Administrators/School Personnel
Three (3) years must elapse after the completion of their tenure as a coach in their particular sport before consideration is given for selection.
They must be examples of good character and citizenship.
The following factors will influence the selection of a coach: Number of years coaching at Grandview High School, Record while coaching at Grandview High School, and contributions to their respective sport and the Grandview High School athletic program.
School administrators and/or school personnel must wait three years and no longer be employed by Consolidated School District #4 before consideration is given for selection.

3.) Others/Contributors
Patrons who have made an outstanding contribution(s) or who have made a significant impact on the Grandview High School District athletic programs.

Awards, Rights, and Privileges of Membership

Induction into the Grandview High School Athletic Hall of Fame is a lifetime membership.
Inductees shall be introduced at a home athletic event, alumni event, and/or banquet in their honor. This should be a celebration for the individual, team, school, and community.
Awards will be given to each inductee. One plaque shall be presented to the inductee; the other plaque shall be placed on display in the Grandview Hall of Fame. Actual display will be determined by the building principal and athletic director.
Each inductee will be awarded a lifetime gold pass for free admission to all future Grandview home athletic events, excluding district/state tournaments. Free admission will be included for inductees immediate family. Team inductees not included.
Removal from the Grandview High School Athletic Hall of Fame will be voted on by the Athletic Hall of Fame committee. The same procedure will be followed in removing a person from the Athletic Hall of Fame committee.

Nomination Process

Nominations are open to the public.Nomination forms are available at the office of the district athletic director, the high school office, CSD #4 central office, and on the district website. Anyone may submit a completed form to the athletic director for consideration.
All entries must be submitted on the official Grandview High School Athletic Hall of Fame nomination form. All nominations must be on file by March 31 to be considered for selection that year. Persons responsible for nominating individuals shall inform those individuals of their nomination and are responsible for gathering all information on their past achievements and meeting any deadlines set by the committee.
The Athletic Hall of Fame will have a maximum of 30 inductees the first year. After the first year, there will be a maximum of five inductees.
Members of the selection committee and their immediate families may not make nominations to the Hall of Fame.
Nominees must receive votes from ⅔ of the selection committee to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. All nominations will remain on file for five years from the last nomination and after that time must be re-nominated.

Any nominee who does not receive a vote within the first three years of being nominated will be removed from the voting process and must be re-nominated for any future consideration.

Selection Process

1.) Timetable - 2016
Nomination forms will be distributed and collected throughout the year as requested.
Deadline for nominations will be March 31
Hall of Fame selection committee meets - April 21
Select and Inform Hall of Fame recipients - June 8
Complete information for plaques and media - June
Order plaques and awards - June
Announce award winners to the media - June/July
Awards Presentation/Banquet - TBA

2.) Screening Procedure
The athletic office will provide the Athletic Hall of Fame committee members with copies of the current nomination forms and all other information prior to the selection meeting.
Between April 21-June 8, the Athletic Hall of Fame committee will screen and discuss each nominee.

Donors and Contributions

The Hall of Fame Committee will set up an account with the Grandview School District for any donations and contributions. The account will be under the supervision of the District Athletic Director.