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Class President

Voting will take place next Tuesday during WIN and will close at noon on Wednesday. 
Sophomore Class President Candidates:
Demijah Baskett
Tatiana Hampton Sifuentes
Samara Krupnik
Sle Ma
Jaivion Marks
De'Andre Morrison
Junior Class President Candidates:
Derek Joiner
Chase Kearney
Yadira Zarco
Senior Class President Candidates:
Dakota Coker-Akinmoladun
Aniaya Jamerson
Brooklyn O'Laughlin
Peytann Whyte






Timeline for the entire Election Process

  1. WIN, Thursday  4/28/22---learn about Class President Expectations and Election Process
  2. Application and Teacher Recommendation deadline--NO LATER THAN Thursday, May 5 @ 2:30pm. No applications or teacher recommendations will be accepted after this point. 
  3. STUCO sponsors and administration will review all applications and notify students if they have met the criteria to start campaigning by the end of the day on Monday, 5/9/22. NO Campaigning can occur prior to this approval 
  4. Tuesday 5/10/22 students can begin hanging up their posters.
  5. Campaign video due NO LATER than  Wednesday 5/11/22 @2:30pm.
  6. Voting opens on Tuesday Morning 5/17 and closes at noon on Wednesday. Winners will be announced at the end of the day on Wednesday.
  7. Executive Council meeting with all newly elected class presidents, STUCO sponsors, and administration will take place on Thursday 5/19 during WIN. 



Each student interested in running for class president will complete the application form. Remember you are running for class president for YOUR grade level. Complete all questions on the form and submit it BEFORE the deadline of THURSDAY, MAY 5 @ 2:30pm. No applications after this time will be accepted. 

Class President Application Form---CLICK HERE (Links to an external site.)



Teacher Recommendation

In addition to the application form, you will also need to have one teacher complete the recommendation. Due to the short amount of time in our elections this year, we are only requiring one teacher recommendation. This must be received before the deadline of THURSDAY, MAY 5 @ 2:30pm. It is not advised to wait until the last minute to ask a teacher to complete this. Any application that does not have the teacher recommendation, will not be considered complete, and will not be approved for running for class president. 

You will want to copy and paste this link, in order to share it with the teacher who is completing your evaluation




Campaigning Rules and Expectations:

  • No posters may be hung up prior to all candidates receiving the final approval to run for office. Tuesday, May 10, will be when students can begin hanging up posters.
  • Do NOT hang campaign materials over other signs or posters that are currently displayed in the hall and on walls.
  • Do NOT hang up posters in anyone's classroom or other area without permission.
  • NO GLITTER on your posters or flyers.
  • Only clear tape is to be used when hanging your posters and flyers. No colored duct tape is to be used.
  • It is your responsibility to provide the tape to hang your campaign materials.
  • Do not hang your campaign materials over other candidate’s materials…being respectful of other candidates is very important!
  • No poster/flyer can insult other students running for office. It should only be about YOU. 
  • EVERY poster /flyer should be SCHOOL APPROPRIATE (no drug references, curse words, etc).
  • To save time, it would be a good idea to have these ready when you turn in your application. You can start getting items ready, but nothing can be hung up until Tuesday, May 10. 
  • It is your responsibility to hang and take down your own posters.
  • All posters and flyers need to be taken down by end of day on Friday, May 20. 


Campaign Video--

  • Speeches will be no longer than 1-minute long.
  • Make your speech positive.
  • Do not criticize any other school, organization, or person.
  • It usually helps to have the speech written out to make sure you say exactly what you wish to say in as clear and concise manner as possible.
  • Practice your delivery and only use your notes as a back-up.
  • Humor is always a good attribute in any speech.
  • You will be responsible for recording your speeches to show to the student body. This video will need to be uploaded to a Google Shared Drive NO LATER THAN Wednesday 5/11/22 @ 2:30pm. The videos will be shown in WIN the following day. If you don't have your video uploaded, you are no longer running for office. 


Voting Process:

This will take place through a Google Form that will be shared with all students to vote for the candidates running for their grade level. 

Voting will open the morning of Tuesday, 5/17. It will close at noon on Wednesday. 

Winners will be announced at the end of the day on Wednesday (5/18) and will be expected to attend the Executive Council meeting the following morning during WIN (5/19).